Upon confirmation of reservation your credit card will not be charged until 48 hours prior to your arrival. At which time your credit card will be charged for the full amount. This amount to include any return reservation.

If you require a cancellation, please contact us soon as possible. Upon receiving cancellation notice, we will contact you to confirm cancellation.

Any changes to a confirmed reservation must be made within two (2) hours of the new changed time otherwise full fare will be charge to your credit card. Original person making the reservation must make the cancellation.

We will monitor your flight arrival via the website, however if you are delayed at the airport, missed flight or cancelled flight, anything that would not be posted via the website, please call so that we can adjust your pick up time. A charge of $20.00 additional will be added to your rate for any waiting time over 15 minutes due to delays that we are not aware of and not informed of.

Please contact us for cancellation at

NOTE: Cancellation valid only with booking party.

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